Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Travel Outbound Bag Sewing Pattern + Sewing Kits

Are you ready to TRAVEL OUTBOUND?  I am excited to have my newest PDF sewing Pattern {Travel Outbound Bag} publish for the beginning of the new year. Travel Outbound Bag is a bag that you'd want to make more than one and make for gifts to families and friends.  It not only Travel Outbound, but also a great bag for all your needs that you take with you for traveling from living room to sewing room or from your kitchen table to your workroom table. Add one in your large tote with all your pens, notebooks, planners, great books to read, and digital devises as you travel your way outbound.   

Do you remember first time you travel? For me, first time I travelled alone was when I turned 18. I flew across Pacific Ocean and landed to a new country for my study. At the time, I carried a backpack and a 32" luggage.  Within my backpack there were so many important documents; passport, I-20 ( for international student forms), boarding passes, travel check, and books to read (over 25 hours transit and three flights). no digital devices at the time!    I can't tell you how nervous I was as an 18 year old. My hands always reach out to my backpack and making sure everything is there!  

When I became a mom, the first few years, I travelled not just a backpack and a luggage.  I also held a stroller and a little toddler by me and few carry on bags. It was more nervous than ever for the first time we flew together. The carry on bags had more than we needed, but all necessaries to make sure the little toddler made her way through the first big flight.  In my backpack, I carried two passports, two sets of boarding pass, books for the toddler to read, toys to passing by the waiting time, food for during transits.  I can't tell you how extra nervous I was. One of my hand is always reach out to the backpack and making sure everything is there and one of my hand is holding tie with the toddler who trying to see what's going on.

Last Fall, I travelled alone for the first time after 12 years being a mom. Without my soon to be a teen girl, it is strange.  You think that I should have became a better traveler after 20 years of traveling and I was! However, my hands still reach out to my backpack and making sure everything is there! It seems like an unconscious self is doing so! I laughed as I was waiting for boarding announcement.

As I was waiting for boarding the flight oversea, I started to think of why not design a bag that will fit all and I know all the belongs and documents are there. I started draft this pattern on a long 15 hours flight!  Gosh, I am loving this {Travel Outbound Bag}!

I would love to share a little more...
about Travel Outbound Bag- 

For traveling:
Travel Outbound Bag comes with four front compartments where can insert phone, passport, boarding pass, a few pens, even small cash/ coins.  In the middle large open section is a perfect place to hold planners, books, and iPad! Two of the zipper compartments allow to set more personal important belongs, such as travel cash, few actual cash, and documents if there are any.

I have been using it daily, since the first sample travel outbound bag created. I placed my new year's planner, journal, iPad and pens are all in the Travel Outbound bag as I finished for the day.  When I travel to the city, I set the Travel Outbound bag inside of large tote bag and slip Metro card in one of the front compartment as I go .  Everything is there! I really haven't been trying to reach out my hands in the large tote or backpack since then.

For Sewing: 
The Travel Outbound Bag is perfect for anything purpose. It is perfect for sewing table. The front pockets hold well with rotary cutters, pens, markers, small scissors, needle-book, and clips. The large open section fits more than 20 fat quarters and large sewing scissors. The zippered compartment is great for sewing patterns and different needle packs and more!

For everyday purpose: 
It doesn't just travel outdoor. It also travels within home and room-to-room that you go. I work on my daily planner on the kitchen table as I wait for the washer to be done; often time waiting and watching the baking goodies to be ready. I take the Travel Outbound Bag from workroom to the kitchen table, so I have everything that I need! It really is a nice little organizer bag at the same time!

I made a couple and set on the fabric shelves and have placed a few unfinished projects within them and each pattern set in the zippered compartment, small paper pieces in small paper bags. I take the travel outbound bag out for the specific project.

Travel Outbound Bag PDF pattern-
within {Travel Outbound Bag PDF pattern}

- This is a digital downloadable PDF file. It comes with 25 pages PDF file (included sewing pattern, cutting instructions, and measurements), Step-by Step colored photo instructions to guild you through making one Travel Outbound Bag. It also comes with detailed illustrate diagrams to aid for sewing steps.

- Travel Outbound Bag is an intermediate sewing pattern. Sewers have experiences in cutting fabrics, knowing operation sewing machine, have previous bag making experience will be helpful for making and experiences in bias tape sewing.

- Travel Outbound Bag measured at 10.5"x6"x3" in finished size.

- The pattern purchaser can sell finished Travel Outbound Bag made using this pattern (on a home based scale).

- You can find this pattern through my {Etsy} and {Craftsy} pattern shops now.

- You'll need Adobe Reader to open the PDF file and free download at

Sewing Kits:

There are limited Travel Outbound Sewing Bag Kits are available. It comes with high quality linens that I have been using for majority of my recent projects.  It will not restock after the kits sold out.  These colors are inspired by the cities that I have been surrounding since my recent move.

Let me share the linen you'll receive in the sewing kit. This is a medium weight of 100% linen is versatile with smooth look. It has a tighter weave, so it is perfect for any purpose sewing. It doesn't stretch as you sew. My little tip to you is enlarge your sewing machine stitch slightly longer and don't pull the linen as it will feed itself as the sewing feed dog will take on its own. The linen gives so elegant and classic finishes on any projects.  The solid colors give a bold and modern version of the style within. I hope you will enjoy it as well!

Brooklyn, it is my favorite dream place to be and stay. It has is great love of art culture and space for many artists to grow and meet each other. I used Oasis green and paired with Ginger Brown for the energy classic outlook and contrast with almost Evergreen for the bias tape as a highlight of the bag.

Kits available here (click)    Sold Out

New York, New York,  it gets so classic in every way! I love how This Autumn Gold matches with the Evergreen in this bag. The smooth and softened turquoise is a nice combine two colors together. It gives the elegant and classical outlook. The Autumn Gold is a rich yellow and gives such nice finish outlook.

Kits available here (click)  Sold Out 

Queens, the borough on Long Island across the East River from Manhattan. I can't tell you how pretty it is during the Fall around here as well as summer! The drive across East River is nerve racking, but the view is just gorgeous as you ever seen from the photos. I used chocolate brown and Asphalt gray as two main colors and used the rich autumn gold to give high contrast of this bag.

Kits available here (click)  Sold Out

Within the sewing kit:

You'll receive all the materials for making one Travel Outbound Bag.

-main panels
-main panel linings
-front pocket panels
-front pocket linings
-two mental teeth zippers
-fusible interfacing
-two set of rivet
-bias tape
-cotton trim
-a list of material sheet and interfacing cutting instruction
-downloadable PDF sewing pattern

Thank you again for all of your enthusiasm coming here to read about the creations I share with you. I really can't tell you how much I appreciate it! I truly have the pleasure developing this newest pattern and wish you'll love it as well!




Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!!!

I hope this post found you happy and filled with new goals to accomplish for the new year! On the New Year day, I edited the blog header and wanted to bring some colors into this blog (when you arrive here with some good smiles). 

Before rung the 2017 bell, I took a trip into the city. I explored a few new garment stores to me with a friend. It is going to be the day that I will always cherish and remember! My friend took me to explore a new fabric store to me, Grayline linen, such a beautiful store! The most impressive about the store is that it only has linens! I had wished to get some linen that reminded me so much of countryside of France, red strips, blue strips and simple design.  Maybe next trip when I am there!

As the new year approach I have been thinking what would be a new goal for me. Every year, I try to eat healthier, drink less coffee, eat less sugar products and maybe try to walk a block or two to get  some exercise.  That was all the good goals to achieve and I was able to accomplish most, but not all.

This year...

I would like to take a depth of learn about myself! Last few years have been quite a challenging in ways that have pushed and allowed me grew into a better person. But yet, still finding challenging because I seem haven't find that true self to be more promising, more aware, and looking into depth of appreciation in life and be a better listener and better mom.

It seems not as hard as it is, but it is!  Life is often far from perfect and beautiful and I often feel sentimental thinking about how the next step would be. I try keep moving forward to a better and positive direction as I face new challenges and take a new step forward. Setting up new goals; small and big. There still some of the days that little things affect me and let down a little, but I like to keep my chin up as possible these days.

It might be funny and someday that I'd laugh at myself that how it has taken me so long to see and realize that learning about myself is such a silly goal, but this year is a bigger goal for me and I like to stay on it.

Look back the year, I am humbled by the support of friends and family. I would like to find one small things and gratitude in the day to be thankful.  I also like to make more compliments to one and other. I don't think I have made my effort enough and I truely believe paying a sincere compliment feels even better than receiving one.  I am trying.

For this new year...

I sincerely hope you find your new goals to achieve, even taking time off to stitch or read! I found it is so important that I have moments or time to myself.  It helps to stretch out the day and perhaps relax some!

I  would like to knit one scarf or even learn to crochet. I've done both in the past, but didn't seem find myself into it. I have some nice yarns that purchased and given to me when still lived in ND (nearly 4 years ago) then still untouched and one missing needle during moves.  I though crochet seems simple, but it is not, I believed it is more counting, but they would be good skills to learn and review.  I dream of someday I'll be posting a pair of knitted wooly socks to you! wish me best luck! 

This year,  I plan to experiment more linens in sewing and designs. I was humbled by the messages and feedbacks from the knit bags' receivers how much they have loved the soft and elegant of the bags. It would be a new journey for me. I have started experiment it and really enjoy and felt in love with the outcome! 

Big news:
In a week, I'll be reveling a newest sewing pattern. It has been a wonderful time developing and putting the pattern together since last late Fall and there's a story behind this new sewing pattern.  I am sure you are not surprised that I used linen for the sewing and it turns out elegant and classic! I will be finalizing the blog writing next few days and following up the news!

I wish you a Happy New Year! You've enjoyed your time during this holiday season with family and friends. I would love to finish S' 12th birthday quilt  (quilt top and quilt back all ready to go) and start the 13th birthday quilt! It is a little crazy to think that... soon, I'll have a teen in the house...



Wednesday, December 28, 2016


We had really quiet holiday this year. S was running a high fever for a few days then she slept in most of the time. She managed to have breakfast on the Christmas day, but then too sick for rest of the events. I managed to take holiday walk at nights while the temperature was nice.  I walked maybe three Avenues and few street down in our neighborhood.  Oh, can I tell you that I am a little disappointed?

For so many years living in Midwest, holiday time is always so festive! Lights in neighborhood after neighborhood, trees by the windows and snowman in front of the houses, if we get a winter storm before the holiday and we have so many holiday drivers! I always love being one of the holiday drivers during the holiday season!

I finished up another mini pouch while being late in the workroom last few nights. I love how the little girl dressed up in such cute outfit (from the sketch)! Her scarf is something that I wish to knit for myself one day! The pouch is made with 100% linen and so lovely to embroidery on!  I have been into linen for embroidery lately. It is just soft and nice in touch.

The appliqué block before I left for the oversea trip is finished! When I first made it I had planned to frame the piece! I have been looking for the right frame for awhile and found it in IKEA last week. The frame size is a 9"x9" and just perfect for the 7" circle appliqué.  I am pleased how it turns out and it is now in the workroom among many other things together!

These days in December is quite different than others.  It is alright to tell you that I miss the Midwest winter; winter coat, snow boots, freezing pipes, icicles, snow on the ground, shoveling and friends that meet regular at the local cafe. These gloomy winter days are so easy to get me down!

Deep breath and I am alright! I still put on the winter coat when I ride on the metro bus and keep the snow boots in the box these days. The freezing pipes and icicles are in the photos that were taken from the years of living in Midwest and was being view more than dozen last couple days. There's a  good chance of snow tomorrow, so I crossed my fingers for some! I still have coffee with friends, but these days we do it over FaceTime

and I am thankful!

Flipping through the planner. I see that I was being so productive and fulfilled most of the year!
I celebrated the moment with time to sew, time in the music lessons, time when received a card from a thoughtful friend, time that cooked for friends who came down to visit and time that actually wasn't all that perfect!  

Until then...

Best to you!



Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Winter Solstice

It seems like the winter solstice came earlier this year! I was reminded by the planner and ma last night. Growing up, on the first day of winter ma always made Tangyuan {sticky rice balls} dessert in the early morning then before school we all get to take a scoop of Tangyuan in our own bowl then after finished the dessert it means we get one year older! I tried to keep this tradition and plan to make some later in the day. That might just reminded me I'll be another year older soon {smile}! 

I get to finished the {patchwork jojo pouch} the other night! This pouch is used swatch linens that I got from my trips to Mood a while ago. It turned out really soft and simple! It was lined with cotton and linen blended fabric. It is super roomy and fits all the pens now. 

Last night, I creamed the sugar and butter together then added all the dried ingredients for the sugar cookies. I always added extra 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda to make cookie crispy or you might add cream of tart tart as well then let the batter set over night! I was up quiet early this morning then started baking and getting them ready before I return to the workroom!  The apartment still smells so sweet and buttery as I am typing at this moment!  The almond bar cookies are also sitting on the table and waiting the icing to dry before I can store in the containers. 

Little by little! 

I've getting many requests over the time on the paper piecing patterns that were designed in the past and wondered if there's a better way to download them. I have added to my pattern store in Craftsy and now you can now download them from my {craftsy}. Enjoy the little horse and pumpkin patterns! I really have great time making them!  

Have a happy holiday! 



Sunday, December 18, 2016

Gifts making...

Remember I said more snow? It happened yesterday! It probably was an overnight snow fall while I was hand stitching in the workroom. The blinds were down, so the light in the room can be less reflected from the windows. In the morning, I put on winter gloves and boots and went shoveling!  Gosh, it felt good!

The knit bag {first photo} is made for a friend who sent a special knitted gift in the mail last week. It actually started with Bahar, Can I custom order a pair of mittens? She replied, Oh, let me take a look of the photos if you have any! Then she got back to me how soon you would like to have them? I replied before the holiday would be great! Then I didn't hear back from her for 6 weeks after we messaged! Last week, she sent another message to me and let me know the mitten is ready to post. Bahar said, I would love to sent it as a gift to you.  It took me few minutes to reply back to her.  At that moment, I felt really warm and humble for the labor of love gift that she offer to me.

Then I've been thinking what could I gift in return. I thought it would be nice to send a labor of love gift in return and a knit bag for her to take her yarns and needles is just perfect! It is really how I have been feeling about holiday season these years. Gifts from heart and personal, do you?

All the greeting cards have mailed out, expected two, which will go out on Monday morning. It feels really great that I actually sit down and work through them as I found time in between tasks.  I have made an extra card and have been thinking who got miss out from the list and hope to find that person out before Monday arrives {smile}!

This past week has been a full week and daytime/daylight is not quiet enough to use. I started look forward longer daylight now! The metal tray was one of the found before the move! It had all the sewing tools in, but then it was empty for a long time. Today I found it is a perfect size for some finished projects! then second though might be great if I can fill this tray with the mini pouches!

This coming week, I plan to make another {patchwork jo-jo pouch}  as the one I am using is a little too full to carry! I mixed with sewing tools and pens always!  Really need another one for the pens only!  My sister and I shared love of fountain pens and we both went a little shopping while I was visiting this Fall. The one that I like perfectly for writing and drawing is preppy 0.3 nib fountain pen.

Next few days, I'll be making sugar cookies without icing, an apple pie, and almond bar cookies. Then a new roomy patchwork pouch is on the top of list, the on going WIP  list still kicking these days and found time made {dutch baby} and taking the morning time slow down as I always over planned the day!


Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Make it

It finally snowed on late Sunday afternoon ! It felt so nice to see the snow falling down in the city. It was not even an inch, but enough joy for me! Although the snow melted away from the Monday rain then the temperature kept in the low 40's, but snow was here!  I really miss the bitter cold and shoveling snow days; making a snow bank or two by the garage or sidewalk then sit in the kitchen watching snow falling. Isn't that the best part of the Winter season?

The zipper finally installed onto the little pouch. It is such a nice cute little pouch to make. Most of assembling is done by hand and really little machine stitching!  It is hard to believe this pattern was made in my first sewing lesson that I took 14 years ago. I was learning to draft out simple pattern at that time, I didn't have a sewing machine. 

I love how each time it turns out differently as I always change designs within. It is the type of pouch pattern that never gets old on me and just love to make it whenever I can. I plan to make a few patchwork editions and few more embroidery works soon. The little pouch is all wrapped and ready to post. I put it in a {french seam style drawstring bag} and you can find the tutorial {here}.

Last Thursday night, I stay in the workroom till quiet late, maybe past 11p.m.  I started pulling off some fabrics from the shelves that I knew I'll never use it, but for keepsake.  For last two years, I have been procrastinating about the idea of letting go some of these long collected fabrics. Each time, when I am about to do so then a few days later I put them back to shelves and that repeated for a few tries.  There is always a though of, "what if I need them later?" (smile). The truth is there hasn't been a what if moment since then. Finally, I talked into myself, let's do this; really think about what works and what no then this time was a success! It was hard and difficult for first few prints pull then after few more prints pull out I knew I am in the right track! (I plan on a destash over quarterinchmark_destash Instagram account in January).  

I've found myself search for more specific fabrics these days rather than getting new prints most of the time. I still collect my very favorite designers' prints, but set up a fine line of what to and what not. It is alike collecting music records for others and for me is fabric per se (and maybe it is an excuse for me actually getting few prints from time to time, oh well!) 

As always that I am going to be late for getting things in the mail. I have been making greeting cards after dinner time, a few cards a night and eventually I'll have enough cards to send.  The watercolor supplies sitting on one of the chair, so once table is clean I bring them right up. I've added a little touch on top of envelopes with watercolor and wondered how well they will be travelling? fingers crossed!

Hope you'll find time in your busy day; knit a row, sew few lines, read a page, even have a cup of coffee/tea time to yourself! It is important that we can all try to decompress a little from the busy time of the year! 


p.s. The apron is over-sized after put it on! I checked the draft pattern and realized I followed the wrong size guild line! It will be another time to take seams apart then remake it! I love how this mustard yellow linen turns out! Oh! I do love yellows!